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We may proudly state that Mö is the only Finnish oat dairy. We know, the power lies in plant-based raw-materials. Therefore, instead of cow’s milk, we produce all our products completely animal-free, from high quality Finnish oats. We use traditional dairy processes in our production to ensure that all the deliciousness is transferred from the oats to our products. Our passion is to create new solutions and innovations for even better oat dairy products.

Today our product family includes fermented yogurt type products such as Kaurajogu’s and protein rich Kaurarahku’s. Our newest innovation of oat based vegan cheeze Mö Greek is also now available.


All of our products are developed and produced in small batches, in Finland. More specifically in a Mid Ostrobothnian village called Lohtaja. For a rather small company, we use a lot of time interacting and listening to our consumers’ wishes to further develop our recipes. We like to think this is our secret behind our high-quality products.


Our production is led by true oat dairy specialists, who take care of each manufactured piece. We know, that the best taste is created by precise dairy work and carefully selected ingredients. Finnish oat is, of course, the base for everything, to which we combine the right type of fermenting cultures and probiotics. All this to achieve unique consistency and authentic flavors. Nothing artificial, like sweeteners is allowed in.

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We at Mö believe that even small actions can have a huge impact. We think it is important that these acts help the environment instead of overloading it.

Not only do we produce lower-emission foods, but we also make sure that their production does not harm the environment unnecessarily. For this reason, we compensate annual emissions from our production site by planting trees in Finland. In addition to this, we prefer sustainable raw materials and choose the most ecological and recyclable solutions possible for our packaging. For example, our Kaurajogu® 400g cups contain 50% less plastic!

Most importantly, we are uncompromisingly willing to inspire more and more users to choose sustainable plant-based options. 

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