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This is the register and data protection statement of Mö Foods Oy (hereinafter “MÖ”, “we”) in accordance with the Personal Data Act (Sections 10 and 24) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to which we undertake to protect our mö.fi website privacy of users.

Mö Foods Oy

Alaviirteentie 144

68230 Lohtaja


Contact person:

Annamari Jukkola

+358 400 463723


In our privacy statement, you will find open information about where and how we use personal information. In addition, we tell you how we collect information and how you can enforce your privacy rights.

MÖ's personal data registers consist of our customers, suppliers' contact persons, potential customers and current employees and job seekers.

The purpose of the register is to manage and maintain customer relationships, provide information on operations and process other personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes related to MÖ's operations. The data is not used for automated decision making or profiling. 


We generally receive information from the register from registrants when they contact our company or at the beginning of a customer relationship or partnership.


The information to be stored in the register is:

  1. Voluntary personal information provided:

We store the necessary personal information that is voluntarily provided to us, for example, when using the website, via social media, via e-mail or telephone, or in other situations where the customer discloses their information. Examples of such information include name, email, and other contact information. In order to maintain a customer relationship or partnership, we also collect e.g. the following information: customer type, contact persons and position in the company, information on purchase transactions and payment and invoicing methods. Without sufficient information, we will not be able to handle customer relationships and ensure seamless cooperation.

2. Automatically collected personal data and analytics:

We do not use personal information for profiling, nor do we use automated data processing directly to the information we receive from our customers. We leverage Google Analytics to provide analytics related to the use of our site. The information used for analytics and marketing targeting is unidentified whenever possible and unidentified information cannot be associated with a natural person. Otherwise, we treat the information as personal insofar as the identifier contains customer targeting information, such as an IP address.

3. Personal data obtained from third parties:

The MÖ may also collect, store and update personal data from the registries of the registrar providing address services.

4. Processing of sensitive data:

We do not solicit or store sensitive personal information about you, such as information about your religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.


At MÖ, we use your personal information for the following purposes:

1. In order to provide and perform our services to you:

In order to serve you as well as possible, we need some of the personal information we mentioned above. If you have purchased any of our services, the retention of proper personal information guarantees that we will be able to serve you throughout your customer relationship. Your personal information may also be used for direct marketing purposes.


2. To improve our services:

We are constantly looking for new ways to evolve and aim for something new. In this, our customers play a particularly important role. We collect feedback and engage in dialogue with our customers, and collect personal information as needed during the discussion. If you send us a job application and resume, we will retain your personal information during the recruitment process. We do not analyze recruitment data automatically.


3. In order to fulfill our legal obligations:

For contractual and accounting reasons, we may be required to retain your personal information. When you request that we no longer contact you, we will ask you separately for permission to retain your basic information.


The data collected and processed by the MÖ are based on the following legal bases:

  • Based on the agreement, so that we can fulfill our obligations under the terms of use of the agreements

  • Our legitimate interest in providing quality service and informing you

  • Our legitimate interest in ensuring the efficiency and legality of our business (as long as it does not conflict with your rights)

  • Compliance with laws and obligations that apply to us

  • Consent: when you have given your consent to the processing of personal data


We do not regularly disclose information to others. Information may be disclosed to affiliates for customer relationship and marketing purposes, but we will only disclose material information. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with data protection regulations and partners may not pass on the data. The information may be published and disclosed to the extent agreed with the customer. For technical and data-related reasons, the data may be stored on the servers of external service providers used by the MÖ. These third-party service providers may process the data, and this may also involve the processing of data outside the EU / EEA. If we use a partner outside the EU / EEA, we will ensure that they are committed to complying with the Data Protection Regulation.


We exercise special care in handling the registry. Only authorized employees of our company have access to the digitally stored personal register. The data is protected by technically appropriate measures. When registry data is stored on Internet servers, the physical and digital security of their hardware is adequately addressed. We ensure that stored data, as well as server access rights and other information critical to the security of personal information, is treated confidentially and only by the employees whose job descriptions it includes. The manual material is stored in locked rooms that can only be accessed by appropriate persons.


In all our dealings, we undertake to treat only relevant personal data with care.


Every person in the register has the right to check the data stored in the register and to request the correction of any incorrect data, the completion of incomplete data or the deletion of data. If you wish to review or request the rectification of data stored about you, you must send the request in person to the data controller. After verifying your identity, we will provide you with your information within a month.


In order to keep abreast of any changes in data protection laws and legal, technical and business developments, we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Update as necessary. We will notify you by reasonable means if our privacy statement is substantially updated.

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