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We grew up on a dairy farm and in the countryside, watching closely how Finnish food is made and ending up in our homes. Although nature and animals in Finland are taken care of with a close connection to them, we are all waking up to a reality and a future where that is no longer enough. In 2016, we were driven by anxiety about the intensifying sustainability crisis, forcing us to make a complete lifestyle change in relation to food. Our taste criteria were still high when we searched for good food and drink to replace dairy. We really didn’t want to settle for substitute thinking for the rest of our lives. It was also difficult to find domestic products made from safe and familiar raw materials.  

Part of Ostrobothnian culture is to learn to do things yourself if something cannot be found ready-made or does not meet your own requirements. We decided to make yogurt from oat. The stars may already been aligned: one of us has a doctorate in chemical engineering and the other has a degree in visual communication, so we complement each other smoothly. Entrepreneurship also runs in our family. The most important thing, however, is that you don’t have to ask for trust and support separately when your business partner is your own sister. The promising "oat yoghurt" born in the home kitchen through several trials boosted our faith in the matter. Family and friends as support groups, Finland's first and only pure oat dairy was born in the spring of 2017.



Passion for life and protection of our common future guide Mö’s path as a developer of dairy-free, plant-based products. At the same time, we believe that Finnish agriculture, food production and leadeship in sustainable development play an important role, not only for Finland, but also for the rest of the world.

Oats are part of childhood landscape for us: soothingly beautiful and eye-catching. For Mö, it is a tangible and valued renewable raw material for environmentally friendly delicacies. The uniqueness of oats inspires us at the molecular level in research and development. Applying the dairy process to oats and combining them with other natural ingredients is a deeply rewarding process for us.

Food connects people, it is shared and intimacy is created. Above all, food should be a happy thing that gives us enjoyment, health and energy. Mö wants to help our overloaded planet feed its inhabitants attractively, with good conscience.

Our story continues as a leader in sustainable taste experiences, an independent product developer and inventor of something new. We give a face to the next generation, as promoters of Finnish food culture. Mö is earth-friendly delicacies made from the best ingredients, with uncompromising principles, always with unquestioning passion.

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