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Mö Dreamy original is our latest oat innovation made from fresh oat drink. Mö Dreamy original cream cheese alternative is wonderfully soft to spread and the texture is creamy luxurious. And what’s the best thing: our product is a 100% plant-based, earth-friendly oat delicacy, which is always made from high-quality finnish oats.


MÖ DReamy

original cream cheese alternative


150 g

Thanks to its fresh sour taste, it can be used like cream cheese in savory breads, fillings, cooking and for sweet baking. The product has been carefully researched and crafted in Lohtaja, and it has the Key Flag and the Design from Finland labels.




Mö oat drink (water, oats, calcium), coconut fat, modified starch, potato protein, salt, acid (lactic acid), glucose syrup, thickeners (pectins, agar, locust bean gum), acidity regulator (calcium lactate)

Energy 960 kJ / 232 kcal

Fat 20 g

of which saturated 18 g

Carbohydrates 9,8 g

of which sugar 0,5 g

Protein 3,3 g

Salt 0,82 g

Calcium 120 mg*

*15 % of recommended daily intake

EAN code: 6430068540325

"Didn't taste like oats but like a normal cream cheese!"

Our products are available in well-stocked stores around Finland.

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Let's make recycling easier! By recycling the parts of the packaging separately, you can continue to make the best possible use of the materials, reduce waste and save energy. 

  Outer shell made of recycled cardboard for cardboard collection

Plastic parts and the inside of the package, ie the cup itself for plastic collection

Jar foil lid for metal collection

More information at and municipal recycling instructions.

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